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Avoid DUI Checkpoints With Our Bachelor Tip

MrCheckpoint , a service and site that publicizes DUI checkpoints via text message, has certainly caught our eye. First off, we were surprised to learn that not only local police departments, but MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers), support it! The idea behind the service is simple. When more than 30,000 Twitter followers ( or thousands of users who have “opted-in” receive the text messages, they make responsible decisions. The tweets themselves confirm MrCheckpoint’s claims: that, to protect themselves from detection and arrest, people who have been drinking, or intend to drink, will find a designated driver, take a cab, or even stay sober.

The purpose of DUI checkpoints is to promote the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence. In a dramatic step forward, MrCheckpoint has graciously taken away from the states the pricey duty of policing its people, and its use of technology, social media, and word-of-mouth has built a highly effective deterrent to drunk driving. In the process, MrCheckpoint saves a state the approximately $10,000 it costs to run a checkpoint. Even though state courts have held that checkpoints violate our Fourth Amendment rights to be free from illegal stops, even California, where MrCheckpoint originally launched, continues to conduct thousands of checkpoints every year, nabbing countless drunk drivers.

The MrCheckpoint service is also valuable to those who simply want to avoid an extended wait in line, or an onslaught of questions under klieg lights. The service just re-launched in August and now offers free DUI checkpoint alerts to any cell phone. Text NODUI to 51515 or click Either way, we’re pleased to have found this little gem of a company, and to pass along the news to you.

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22 Aug 2012 | Categories: Food & Nightlife