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Bachelor Reviews: Zizi Limona In New York

When Your Craving…

Mediterranean Food in a city already saturated with Middle Eastern cuisine, take a hop, skip, and jump across the bridge. Zizi Limona- one of its kind, fresh, flavorful, and edgy spot opened September 13, 2012 in Williamsburg.

Make It Easy…

by showing some culture. Get a glass of Arak; a distilled clear, unsweetened, anise flavored alcohol, traditional to Israeli, and is 100-126 proof.

To Initiate Contact…

get a classic dish with a twist. The Zizi Hummus; grilled beets, zucchini, and chickpeas, will help get your date excited about what’s to come. Next, order the Mackerel Nicoise salad with some tongue teasing flavors of arugula, potato confit, preserved lemon, and house cured chunks of mackerel.

Seal the Deal…

with a little white sauce = cardamom yogurt. The Fish is market fresh and will definitely sell out. It’s paired with a chickpea raisin salad. Also, try a classic dish called Börek, which is stuffed crispy filo dough. Here the 5-hour Bureka (Börek) is stuffed with slow cooked oxtail, served with olives, tomato and is a dish that simply melts in your mouth.

To Get It Going Again…

step around the corner into 318 Grand St. and walk into Full Circle Bar. Where you both can burn some of those calories from dinner by playing SKEE-BALL. Yes, the first ever SKEE-BALL bar.

What’s The Cost:


Where To Go:

Zizi Limona
129 Havemeyer, Brooklyn, NY 10012
(between 1st and Grand St.)

The Secret…

is that you finally stepped out of Manhattan and had a great meal and had a blast playing SKEE-BALL. If you haven’t yet connected on your date, you should consider a new interest.


Review by: Joe Lazo

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08 Nov 2012 | Categories: Food & Nightlife