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Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday can be a pretty hectic day if you plan on getting major shopping done. For the modern day bachelor it can be a day of great savings and an opportunity to gather super cool gadgets for friends (or for yourself) and catch up on all of your gift buying for the coming season. Some of us prefer to handle all of our Black Friday deals strictly through the internet to avoid any four am waiting lines outside of department stores or the looming threat of being trampled by overzealous shoppers. Still, no matter how you want to handle the season there are some critical tools you can use to make the day easier on yourself.

The first thing that I recommend to anyone trying to make sure that they handle the day smoothly is the app as it will keep you absolutely up to date on good deals. Streamlining your Black Friday efforts is critical so that you don’t waste time looking for the wrong deals, and perhaps more importantly, so that you don’t end up spending more money on something than you had to. Finding the best price can be difficult, but thanks to smart phones and the constant creation of new and more effective apps it is getting to be a lot simpler to make sure you are saving money on all of your purchases. So download the app to your iPhone and keep it near you. It will save you money.

The only other smart phone app that you might need to get a solid deal is Redlaser. This app will allow you to immediately compare prices by scanning the barcode on your iPhone. Very easy to use and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Between Redlaser and you won’t need to waste countless hours comparing prices online (or even worse, in the store) and can be immediately up to date on where to buy what.

Aside from having the right apps on your phone, you really just need to have common sense and be prepared. If you are going out or waiting in lines all night, dress comfortably, warm, and in layers. Wear comfortable shoes, and try doing some calisthenics before heading out – even two or three minutes of stretching out beforehand will make the day easier on your back and legs. Try to keep a cool head, enjoy yourself, save some money, and have a great Black Friday.

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23 Nov 2012 | Categories: Lifestyle & Travel