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Five Ways to Recover From a Bean Bag Chair Disaster

Families and individuals invest in bean bag furniture for a variety of reasons. It conforms to one’s body, providing firm support for any body position. Bean bag furniture is also easier to move than bulky sofas, armchairs, and other furnishings. Depending on the types of materials used in the furniture, bean bags can be easier to clean.

Since bean bags chairs are popular with children, they may be susceptible to accidents at home or at work. Pets can add another element of risk to bean bag furniture, since cats or dogs can scratch or bite at materials, potentially ripping them. Take a look at these five ways to clean up after a bean bag incident.

1. Removing stains

Most bean bag chairs come with covers made out of water resistant materials. This makes it easier to clean up a bean bag chair if something has been spilled on it. Chairs often have removable covers that can be washed with cool water and dried on low heat. Make sure to check any tags on the fabric to ensure cleaning success. Taking the cover off the chair and treating it directly with soap and water can remove spots.

2. Contain the area

If a bean bag leaks, it can be a pain to clean up the little pellets that escape onto hardwood floors or carpets. Make sure to block the area off, preventing people or pets from tracking the pellets across a home. Make sure to identify what caused the bean bag to tear, to prevent further damage. A small hole or rip may be easy to mend with a sewing kit and patch.

3. Sweep or vacuum

If a bean bag chair’s contents escape onto a hardwood floor, find a broom and sweep the pellets into a contained pile. Make sure to dispose of these pellets in a plastic bag, and then tie it off. These beads can become choking risks for children and pets, so make sure to throw the bead away soon after an accident. Some vacuums may become clogged by the pellets, so make sure to use a hose attachment and vacuum the beads slowly.

4. Identify the cause of an accident

Search the environment for potentially sharp objects that present safety risks. These items may have punctured or ripped a bean bag chair. Nails, craft blades, and other pointy items should be cleared off the floor before a bean bag chair is set down. If a seam has ripped, check out the packaging and company website for any manufacturer’s warranties.

5. Explore solutions

Most bean bag chairs are made with moisture-repellant, durable materials that are not prone to damage. Households with children and pets should shop around and see what options are out there. Setting ground rules at home, like no roughhousing on furniture, can go a long way into preserving and maintaining a bean bag chair.

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16 May 2013 | Categories: Miscellaneous