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History Of The Mustache: A Mustache Evolution.

The mustache has a long history as a part of the human race. Arguably stone based razors have been used to shave the cheeks and chin for two thousand years or so, and the earliest recorded mustache was discovered to date back to 300 BC. Since that delightful day for mustache kind, many famous and infamous individuals have donned the upper lip hair as a means of appearing intelligent, confidant, virile, and possibly dangerous.

Some of the men that have made the mustache so popular were world dictators, in fact, prior the 1960s American hippie movement the mustache was not considered such a popular facial hair style for normal, hardworking men – in fact, it was almost entirely kept among world leaders, diplomats, assassins, and other very important people. Some examples of this would be Woodrow Wilson, Adolf Hitler, and the man who killed Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth. Obviously with this kind of history to the mustache it grew in infamy and power – becoming a true symbol of decision making men, gun wielding men, and of course, the type of men that incite genocidal terror. It took many years for the mustache to redeem itself from this elitist group and become an item of regular wear for the common, every day citizens of the world.

However things changed with the political climate of the 1960s. Soon American musicians and counter culture heroes were beginning to don mustaches. Perhaps the most famous example of this would be Frank Zappa, whose signature style of mustache became so well known that it was named the Zappa – a style that involves a thick handlebar like mustache combined with a soul patch, and is commonly seen on hipster and counter culture men to this day.

From the 1960s onward the mustache has become a serious symbol of cool with roughneck badasses like Magnum P.I. being known for the upper lip facial hair and helping it to become synonymous with seriously dangerous men. Today the mustache is still a symbol of manly cool.  You will notice that almost no members of the Fortune 500 most successful men have any facial hair whatsoever – proof that the mustache is not a symbol of corporate acceptance but instead a counter culture symbol of dangerous and virile men who are fearless and edgy.
Considering the infamy and iconography behind the modern day mustache it can be assumed that as a facial hair style it is here to stay, having survived thousands of years and making a giant rise into popularity it is something with a long history and a lot of very interesting supporters.

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05 Nov 2012 | Categories: Lifestyle & Travel