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How To: Incorporate Oxblood Into Your Autumn Wardrobe

Fall is here! And it happens to be our favorite season because, with Fall, rich and deep hues are coming alive in the fashion industry. Rich and bold colors such as maroon, copper, gold, olive, and burgundy are here and definitely fit into the mood of this season.

A great color for the fall season is oxblood. Oxblood is considered a dark, brownish red color. The description doesn’t do the color justice though! This hue, that assumes the tint of red wine with hints of brown, can be great dressed up and played down.

Oxblood is a very bold and strong color and can be difficult to incorporate in an outfit. If you end up wearing colors that do not compliment this very rich hue, you end up becoming an eyesore. If, however, you decide to be too subtle when wearing this color, you risk not owning the color and the hue can often times be overlooked.

Mix The Bold Hue With Patterns

If you opt to have oxblood as a prominent part of your outfit, try to play up the bold color with some patterns. Mix oxblood skinny jeans with a black and white stripped or checkered shirt. Or pair an oxblood hued vest over a subtle plaid shirt and faded jeans.

Wear It As An Accessory

If you are unsure how to pair up your attire, select accessories that are oxblood. This gives you the ability to wear the hue without the full day commitment like a shirt, pants or shoes. Consider adding an oxblood scarf, gloves, belt, beanie, or jacket. This way you have the ability to take it off when you do not need it, or sport it if you’re starting to feel its vibe! Are you vibin’? Own it!

Have The Hue Be Your Outfit’s Center Piece

Think slick back hair, clean-shaven face, a crisp, white long sleeve button up and a black tuxedo. Now add some oxblood dress shoes to the outfit. The simplicity of the rest of our outfit will help maintain the focal point on your shoes, adding a bit of chic to the already sophisticated outfit.

Play It Down

Oxblood doesn’t have to be worn dressed up all the time. Pair the color with some of your everyday clothes such as shirts, hoodies and sneakers.

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02 Nov 2012 | Categories: Style & Fashion