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Is The Side Part Right For You?

There’s a reason why women fawn over men like George Clooney, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, and even the likes of (I know, I’m groaning and shaking my head right with you) Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner: their ‘do. Although their ‘do, the “side part”, oozes sophistication and quite frankly a touch of confidence and sex appeal, this style does not compliment every one.

The side part was a popular ‘do for the 1960’s gent. And although it has been half a century since this particular decade, the popularity of this hairstyle still permeates today. If you have a chiseled jaw, prominent cheekbones, or a strong nose or eyebrows, a side part will help bring those out. DO NOT HIDE THEM! These features make you unique, different and stand out. Many people tend to hide the physical traits that are prominently different from the crowd. It is about high time to own them and let them show through. The side part does wonders for those that happen to have strong facial features.

The side part can be elegant and badass and is perfect for any length of hair, whether you have short, medium, long, curly, or straight. Keep the side part elegant and close to the head with gel and hairspray to control unruly, flyaway hair strands. Keeping it neat is perfect for situations that require more formality and a tidy appearance. NOTE: Do not overdue it on the gel. Too shiny of hair can be a bit of a turn off and generally is not an attractive look. The last thing you want to be asked is whether you dipped your head in a vat of grease before going out. Opt for a more natural gel look with products such as Axe. Products like this hold the look but still maintain the ability to run your fingers through them.

For the after work hours, tousle those strands and add an edge of “devil may care” to your persona. Obtaining the tousled look is easy. A great product to try is Bed Head Manipulator. Use your hands and run your fingers through them with the product. Continue to finger comb your hair to obtain volume and style.

Lastly, if you don’t feel confident with it, fake it. There is nothing that will ruin a perfectly good look than an attitude that doesn’t back it up.

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09 Nov 2012 | Categories: Style & Fashion