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New York’s Hidden Gem: La Esquina

When Your Craving

Mexican Food. Our neighbors, South of the Border, are well represented as this SOHO institution. Cooking up some mean tasting Mexican bites.

Making It Easy

Let your butterflies go by ordering the – Michelada: concentrated tomato juice with spices and topped off with a beer.

To Initiate Contact

Start off with some fried Yuca (a root vegetable also known as cassava)- Show your date it’s not all about the MEAT. For another appetizer, get the Empanadas, filled to perfection with chicken and served with pickled shallots, making every bite that much more worth it.

How To Seal the Deal

Order the Carnitas (a pork dish made in the traditional Mexican method of braising or roasting), and here its all ORGANIC. The TINGA will make her, “PING-ya”. It’s the entrée which consists of slow-cooked chicken, a tomato chipotle sauce, and some avocados. This dish shows you care as you interact and build tacos together.

To Get It Going Again

Get dessert, if you want to meet again or bring it into the night. Get an espresso and a Tres Leches: a sponge cake made with 3 different milks, to top it all off.

What’s The Cost:


Where To Go:

La Esquina
114 Kenmare, New York, NY 10012
(between Kenmare & Lafayette)

The Secret

Entrance through “The Corner” and a hidden door in the back brings you to the restaurant. Or get cozy in the Café, entrance off Lafayette.

Special thanks to Joe Lazo for this review.

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20 Sep 2012 | Categories: Food & Nightlife