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Pizza Brain, The World’s First Pizza Museum

Move over, Chicago and New York. One enterprising pie aficionado is looking to put Philly on the map as the pizza destination in the U.S..

Former NY’er, Brian Dwyer, isn’t just bringing fresh ingredients and tasty slices, but an entire museum dedicated to your favorite late-night party /early-morning hangover snack.

It’s called Pizza Brain, and it’s chock full of racks upon racks of pizza memorabilia. Most of it comes from Dwyer’s personal collection, but there’s tons of user-submitted goods too.

Everything from novelty ties to life-size portraits of everyone’s favorite pizza-loving amphibians – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – line the walls. Dwyer’s creation recently climbed into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest pizza memorabilia collection.

“When we discovered that nowhere on Earth was there a physical place, a monument to pizza, we said, ‘This is going to be huge,’” Dwyer said to the Associate Press.

Huge doesn’t even begin to describe it. The site has become a gathering place for local artists and pizza-lovers alike. It’s turned a once-abandoned row of tenement apartments into a bustling business revolving around good eats and fun exhibits.

Don’t expect any stiff lectures or quiet exploring, though. Visitors are greeted by blaring music that’s just as loud as the saucy red design and outrageous owner. If you go, ask to see his sweet tattoo of himself holding a pizza slice and proclaiming that it’s, “Totally Saucesome.”

Those pizza-puns abound when you first walk in the door. Between paintings that say, “Increase the Piece” and, “Give Pizza Chance,” you’ll wonder what sort of cheesy humor this dude won’t stoop to. It’s all in the good fun that Dwyer says makes pizza “the great equalizer”

“I think that’s why pizza is so powerful – it’s inherently communal,” Dwyer told the Associated Press. “Pizza is one of the few things that everyone can agree on.”

Of course, no summary would be complete without talking about the actual pies. Don’t expect to grab a simple slice of ‘za here – instead, Pizza Brain offers slices of beef brisket, pulled pork and even gruyere cheese if you’re feeling fancy.

If those exciting flavors don’t keep folks coming back, the rotating exhibits will. Though right now the museum seemes centered around pizza-happy tunes, Dwyer says that only a small portion of stuff will be on display at any given time. You’ll have to pop in often to see it all.

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04 Oct 2012 | Categories: Food & Nightlife