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Who Is Paige Butcher? Eddie Murphy’s New Girlfriend

Paige Butcher (born Jacinta Paige Butcher) is a model from Australia. She got her big break in the modeling industry after winning the Covergirl supermodel search in Australia at fifteen years old – though she had already had a few years of experience modeling beforehand. Now she is a well-known model living in New York, and is dating the world famous comedian Eddie Murphy.

In 2004 Paige Butcher was listed number 46 on the Maxim list of 100 Hot Women of 2004. She has done modeling work for all sorts of different companies, including two Maxim covers as well as Fitness magazine. She has also made some appearances in film, including Big Momma’s House 2 which starred Eddie Murphy and is supposedly how the two of them met.

She has been seen with Eddie Murphy all over the place for quite some time now, going to basketball games and interviews for the fifty one year old comedian, as well as being caught for candid shots on their way to get coffee. Commentators often point out that Eddie Murphy seems to keep his distance both physically and emotionally from the young Australian model, but their relationship is still relatively new and could go anyway.

In general, for the average bachelor, Paige Jacinta Butcher is a pretty easy model to miss. You won’t be likely to catch her in Big Momma’s House unless you are trying really really hard to find her, and even then you will need a little luck and a good eye. She was also in a tiny role in Something’s Gotta Give, but aside from those two lightweight roles in film she has just done some modeling – and not enough for her to be a big name or a recognizable face, at least not yet.

She did take second place in a Venus International Swimwear Model Search over a decade ago in 1998. Obviously dating Eddie Murphy could be a pretty awesome move for her career, if they stay together and things go well for her. It will be interesting to see what sort of things happen for Paige Butcher in the future.

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27 Nov 2012 | Categories: Women & Dating